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Seeds that bear yield of Prosperity

Who we are

Karnavati Seeds Pvt. Ltd is a leading research and development, production, processing and marketing company for cultivable seeds. Our range of products include a wide range of superior quality, high yielding seeds for Cotton, Maize, Bajra, Wheat, Cow Pea, Guwar, Cumin, Sesame, Moong and many more crops.


What We Do


We have dedicated production fields for seed production by carried out by our well-trained farmers under meticulously supervised standards


Seeds are treated using fully automatic machineries, then checked for quality and packaged using an automated packaging facility.


We have a strong supply network for efficient distribution of seeds across Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, UP, Bihar, W. Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab and Haryana


We organize farm visits and meets for farmers, dealers and distributors and other activities to connect with farmers and gain novel knowledge and feedback.

High Quality Seeds

Acche Bij Se Nai Shuruaat

A seed is life in a capsule. It is a biological product. To gain prosperous crop of seed, it has to be produced following high quality standards. Further, to harvest a prosperous yield, it requires careful, technical and timely handling. Karnavati Seeds are pure, superior quality seeds that empower farmers to grow with ease and maximise their yield, thus setting them on a path towards a bright future and breathing life into our philosophy of Acche Bij Se Nai Shuruaat.


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