Our Work

Seed Production

We have exclusive production fields for seed production under meticulously supervised conditions, which are carried out by our well-trained, dedicated farmers. To keep farmers abreast with novel techniques and practices, we organize Farmer Training Programs as and when required.

Each production field is regularly inspected by scientists and production officials for roughing and maintaining purity. Furthermore, we also have an exclusive team for diligent handling of seeds of various crops, training of staff and farmers, and supervision of production plots.

Seed Processing

Processing of seeds is conducted lot-wise and crop-wise to prevent intermixing. For greater efficiency, we have a team of permanent skilled labourers to handle the operations at the plant. Seeds are treated in out fully automatic machineries to ensure a high degree of precision. Once treated and approved for quality, seeds are packed in their respective packages using our automated facility.

Engagement Programs

We periodically organize farm visits, farmer meets, dealer meets, distributor meets and award ceremonies. We also frequently conduct various marketing activities. Such engagement programs allow us to connect with our stakeholders and target audience, encourage them, inform them about our products, understand their needs, exchange novel knowledge and suggestions, and receive real-time feedback.


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