Quick maturing, high yielding Kharif variety that is dual purpose – can be used as a vegetable and or for its grains.


Research Cowpea

  • It is dual purpose variety – i.e. vegetable and grain purpose.
  • It matures in 65-70 days.
  • 1st picking starts in 38-42 days.
  • Medium plant height: 45-50 cm, 4-6 branches per plant, 25-28 clusters per plant and each cluster has 2-4 pods.
  • 12-13 seeds per pod and the weight of 100 seeds is 7-8 grams.
  • It is a high yielding variety and more suitable for Kharif season
  • Small and white seeds variety
  • Dark green, long (20-22 cm) and tender pods, fetches higher market price


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